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How to create free online loading gif from Loading.io

How to create free online loading gif from Loading.io

Are you searching solution for the online loading GIF ? Then you will get a solution here.

The developer is developing websites but few websites are getting time to load or if you are using ajax to show particular values on the page then it’s taking a time to generate the output. So what you need to do in this situation?

Loaders are the best solution for your result. If  you are taking too much time to show the result to users without adding loaders then research says that  user will get board while seeing you loading the page. Users do not have an idea that there something happening in the backend so your page is getting time to show next window. If he didn’t understand your steps then might be he will refresh the page or cancel the request.

You must use loaded images in the pages. so the user will get an idea that something is happening in the backend and he will automatically wait for the next step.


Yes, www.loading.io is the best solution to make free online loading GIF.

loading.io providing many options to select the color combination. You can select any color combination for the image.

For more details please check this video.

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